Will You Marry Me. . . and Sign This Prenup?

Your partner has just asked you to sign the draft of the prenup that’s sitting in your inbox.

But you don’t speak legalese, and you don’t know what the law truly is designed to confer on you as a spouse. Plus, you simply want a fair prenuptial agreement.

To help clients seeking a review by a family law attorney, we first focus on helping them to understand the key considerations for a prenup draft and to avoid common misconceptions. We follow a proprietary process developed by JustPrenups’ Florida family lawyers and mediators who also have a background as educators and as a mental health professional. You can learn more about our approach through booking with us here.

We offer the most basic level of representation: the review of the prenup draft that you received from your partner.

What Can Our Review Service Do for You?

In our review service, we help you to identify how your prenup can be a great planning tool for *your* wealth protection and future security. We also discuss clauses to assist with your emotional well-being.

We identify the ways that the prenup draft is enabling your own personal goals.  But most importantly, we spot where the prenup may not protect you or adequately cover your needs into the future.

The best prenup offers
optimal financial planning
for BOTH partners.

For example, we believe that all prenups should have more sophisticated clauses that cover an especially vulnerable time for a divorce in a couple’s life: divorce during pregnancy, because sometimes the most unexpected things can happen to expecting moms and dads.

We don’t simply tell you what’s “bad” about the draft that you received. We explain how pragmatic language can yield big differences in your future finances and in your emotional health.

When a prenup review is effective, the results put both partners on more solid ground. Our overall goal is more trust and less anxiety.

Sound Advice From Your First Appointment

At your first appointment with us after payment and retention, you can expect to describe what would be ideal for you. We do our best to help you translate your “ideal” into a  shared reality with your partner, word by word, in your prenup.

And remember: when you revise the prenup that your partner presented to you, each revision is a GOOD thing. Your revision shows your voluntary participation in the process and your will to shape a desirable outcome. Revisions also can be a merit badge of teamwork.

For the review service, you take our verbal and written assessment with you. We do not rope you into representation at an hourly rate from start to completion of the prenup. We parse services so that you are getting exactly what you want. As a result, this service is priced affordably so that soon-to-be brides and grooms can access the advice and direction they most need at a critical time.

However, if you do wish for us to draft your prenup from the ground up, or to re-draft via revisions to an existing draft, we can offer a drafting package best suited to you (and your business, if needed), including disclosure and presentation to your fiancé’s/fiancée’s attorney. In this capacity, your JustPrenups attorney will work with the attorney for your fiancé/fiancée until there is a mutually agreeable draft that is compliant with updates to divorce and alimony laws.

JustPrenups is highly aware that effective legal representation for a prenup shouldn’t poison the well of your relationship. We aim to foster helpful, congenial relations with the attorney for your fiancé/fiancée so that the tone remains as non-adversarial as possible. That’s not only good for your wallet, but also good for your home life.

We help clients from all over the state of Florida with service locations in Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. No matter where you are, our online meetings keep life simple and convenient.

Your current self-care choices may determine your future worth and health after a divorce. Finish this form to schedule your free online consultation with us.

Warning: Hello there, your prenup’s content and the process used in its creation are both evaluated by your family law judge if you and your partner divorce. Your judge may consider tossing your prenup if you observed poor practices in your drafting, disclosure, and signature processes because you decided not to use pros at prenups and postnups.

Disclaimer: All posts on this website contain general information about legal matters for broad educational purposes only. This information is not legal advice and should not be treated as such. This blog post does not create any attorney-client or mediator-client relationship between the reader and JustPrenups.