Spiteful Social Media and the Value of Your Reputation

Spiteful Social Media and the Value of Your Reputation

prenuptial agreement (or postnuptial agreement, otherwise known as a “prenup” or a “postnup”) can help you to mitigate the financial strain of an expensive divorce on your personal and business assets.

In this regard, a prenup or postnup is an essential part of your basic business planning as much as planning for retirement or potential disability. 

What’s more, the prenup/postnup allows you to protect yourself against hits from trickier sources – namely, reputational damage that harms your income. Your reputation is your business. 

You don’t need “a Jerry Springer moment” in your life.

For example, perhaps you’re a plumber, a lawyer, a landscaper or a doctor operating your own business. Imagine the consequences to your business of a marriage gone sour when your ex-spouse posts unflattering comments that air ugly perceptions of your dirty laundry. No one wants to imagine the dissolution of his marriage, but it’s best to plan for the worst scenario.

You may lose current clients and have potential clients scared off by the drama alone, even if they don’t believe what is posted.

Our experienced family law attorneys can draft a “goodwill clause” or a “social media clause,” which can protect your reputation against a disenchanted spouse out for social warfare. These clauses can prevent your ex-spouse from speaking poorly of you and posting pictures that are unflattering, or that otherwise reflect negatively on you. It can set the rules and expectations for good behavior as well as provide an incentive for good behavior through establishing sanctions.

If you believe that you would benefit from a free consultation with fathers’ rights attorney, please talk with usThe DADvocacy™ Law Firm stands for men’s rights and fathers’ rights in family law proceedings.

If you already have a pre-/postnuptial agreement in place, when is the last time you reviewed it? Does it need to be updated for social media concerns, and does it take into consideration the needs of your aging parents and your older children’s changing needs? 

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