Just Prenups Consultations and Pricing Models

Just Prenups Consultations and Pricing Models

Consultations are by appointment only, and may be conducted by phone or via Zoom. If retained, we will provide you with a credit toward the cost of the prenup or postnup in an amount equal to the prepaid consultation fee. We offer a 10% discount for active or retired military, first responders, health care workers, and sanitation employees.

Jointly Drafted (Mediated) Prenup
45 minute consultation between the couple and our mediator to establish that the couple is in agreement as to the basic goals of a mediated prenup/postnup, the protections the couple is seeking, and the topics they wish to address through the prenup/postnup.
Consultation Fee waived.

Lawyer-Authored Prenup Consultation
30 minute consultation between one side of the prenup/postnup and one of our attorneys. A lawyer-authored prenup is the traditional approach for these agreements, and the other party must obtain his or her own attorney.
Consultation Fee waived.

For either consultation, expect to discuss, and to provide information regarding, assets, small business ownership, debts, existing trusts, future inheritances, citizenship and immigration status, disabilities, religious marital documentation, existing minor and grown children, and prior spouses.

If JustPrenups consults with you on a Lawyer-Authored Prenup/Postnup, we are not permitted to consult with you and your significant other on a Jointly Drafted Prenup/Postnup due to ethical requirements and the duties of loyalty and confidentiality contained In Florida Bar Rule 4-1.6, and the prohibitions against conflict of interest representation contained in Florida Bar Rule 4-1.7. The same rules prevents JustPrenups from assisting you with a Lawyer-Authored Prenup if we have already consulted with you and your significant other for a Jointly-Drafted Prenup/Postnup. Accordingly, the prenup type MUST be chosen BEFORE the consultation.

Prenup/Postnup pricing is the same. A Postnup may allow for a payment plan due to the long term nature of the negotiations.

Lawyer Authored Prenup

Lawyer Authored Prenup

$1,500-$4,500 to presentation

What can cause the case to be on the low end of that number?
  • If there is a small business, the small business has a third party tax preparer/bookkeeper or CFO.
  • If there are prior spouses, there are no ongoing financial entanglements on either side.
  • Organized, redacted records easily accessible and transmittable.
  • Financial and tax documents are written in the English language.
What can cause the case to be on the high end of the that number?
  • Pending litigation, business or personal.
  • Changing of wedding date.
  • Disabilities.
  • Conflicting estate planning documents.
  • Language issues, interpreter and translation costs.
  • Self-prepared taxes for small business owners.
  • Unvested interests in stock options.
  • Foreign nation pension/retirement accounts.
Lawyer Authored Prenup
Jointly Drafted Mediated Prenup

Jointly Drafted Mediated Prenup; both parties draft the agreement via a mediator.

$1,500-2,500 total.

This package requires equal participation of both parties throughout every part of the process and within pre-established timeframes. Both parties enter into the negotiations understanding that there can be no one-sided phone calls, meetings or emails. All is transparent to the other..

Issues that require discussion and may be relevant to pricing your Prenup:
  • Organization of records
  • Ease of scheduling meetings
  • Foreign language issues
  • Extent of personal assets and liabilities that must be disclosed and valued
  • Small business ownership
  • Small business ownership; the interests of business partners
  • Level of organization of records.
  • Immigration status
  • Trusts, expectancies and inheritances
  • Pending lawsuit/audits
  • Medical status of parties and any prior born children
  • Military service and retirement
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • Unpaid taxes and regulatory fees
  • Future childbearing
  • Creditworthiness
  • Social Media issues
  • Prior alimony and child support obligations
  • Religious issues
  • Future schooling of either spouse or prior born children
  • Existing will, trusts, living wills and health care proxy documents
  • Social security
  • Life, health, disability and long-term care insurance

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