Pet Owners: How To Seamlessly Blend Your Lives Together When Getting Married


Pets bring so much joy to our lives, and many of us consider them part of our families. When you’re planning to get hitched, it’s essential to think about how you can blend your different worlds healthily for your relationship and your pets.

After all, getting married is not just about the two of you when you have your furry companions in tow! Below, JustPrenups discusses how to prepare your pets for the big day, including organizing their medical records, making your home comfortable, managing your stress, and more.

  1. Combine all your pets’ medical records.

To ensure that you and your partner are fully aware of your pets’ health conditions, it’s important to combine all the medical records into PDFs. That way, it will be easier to access and share them with your vet when needed.

You’ll be better equipped to take the necessary precautions to keep your four-legged friends healthy and happy by having all their information in one place. There are plenty of online tools for making and storing PDF files.

  1. Tailor your home to their needs.

Make sure your home accommodates both sets of pets before getting married. This means checking if your pets’ habitats are spacious enough for them and if they have enough toys and areas to play. If you’re renting a home, you may need to take time researching homes that are pet-friendly and large enough to keep everyone comfortable.

If your pets are used to being territorial, you might want to introduce them gradually to each other in stages to avoid fights. Making your home a welcoming space for your pets will ensure they feel safe and secure, even with changes to the family!

While you’re at it, research the world of pet products that can keep your pets healthy and happy at home. Whether it’s toys, food, or CBD, there are plenty of items that are worth the investment.

  1. Keeping your stress down.

Planning a wedding can be highly stressful, and you must keep your stress levels low so that it doesn’t impact your pets. High stress can make your furry companions feel anxious and even depressed.

Try to plan your wedding in manageable stages, delegate responsibilities, and set aside time to spend with your pets. You may even hire a pet sitter on your wedding day so that your pets are well taken care of, even if you’re not at home.

  1. Include them in the ceremony.

If you want to include your pets in your wedding ceremony, there are a few ways to go about it. You could have your pets as part of your wedding party or have them walk down the aisle with you.

Just make sure they’re comfortable and that your plans won’t cost them any undue stress. You could even have a pet wedding cake or party favors for your guests to take home to their furry friends!

  1. Get a pet prenup, or a petnuptial.

Getting a pet prenup is another crucial consideration when tying the knot. This legal agreement outlines how your pets will be treated in the event of a divorce, including “pet custody” and “pet timesharing.”

JustPrenups’ petnuptial may not sound like the most romantic option, but it’s a necessary safeguard to prevent unpleasant surprises should your relationship end. Connect with Just Prenups to learn about our free pet prenup services!

  1. Happy pets are healthy pets.

Few things in life are as exciting as getting married, but you must ensure your pets are happy and comfortable during the process.

By joining your medical records together, making the necessary changes to your home, and implementing the other strategies above, you can create a positive environment for your relationship and pets. Your wedding day will be a joyous occasion for all when you blend your different worlds together in a way that suits everyone!

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*A heads-up to those who receive alimony and decide to cohabitate with a new partner: the ex-spouse payor may petition the court to end or to reduce alimony payments as a result of the payee’s cohabitation.

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