Execute Your Agreement with a Notary

Execute Your Agreement with a Notary

Your prenup or postnuptial agreement should be notarized, which is a formal method of signing and initialing a document. Notaries assist with preventing fraud on documents through ensuring that the right person is signing the document.

At JustPrenups, we do not offer notary services as we do not believe your interests are best served by JustPrenups notarizing its own documents. We ask clients to choose a notary.  We believe in the value of an “outside pair of eyes” who can evaluate your reaction to the document and to the signing. A prenup is valid only when both partners make a conscious, voluntary choice to be bound by the Agreement, and we make every step of our processes reflect this gold standard.

There are three types of notaries, and you may choose any of them:

  1. In-person notary. Your local bank usually has a notary.
  2. A remote notary (i.e., online notary services). Remote notaries have more requirements because they are completing online transactions.  If you choose a remote notary, please familiarize yourself with that notary’s requirements in advance. This preparation can help you to avoid any confusion or delay with the notary, especially if you are currently going through immigration.
  3. A mobile notary (i.e., the notary comes to your physical location).

You may execute the Agreement alone or together, but you must work with only one original copy to avoid any confusion among multiple original versions. For example, if you execute the Agreement separately, one Party signs with the notary, and then the Agreement is given to the other Party for signature before a notary.

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